Blue Dandy Tim vom Pointenbach

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blue roan, CS 11483
lit. 25.12. 1995
HD-clear, PRA provisional clear

Mother: Lindridge Vanity Fair Father: Stocdale Make Dreams

The highlights of my life briefly in summary:
It is really comfortably to sleep in such a way!
My first pig ear!
A cord to brawl with my family!
My way to sleep
My first pig-ear
My first cord
Thats the way I looked in my fierce months as a junior Spaniel.
My first try to hund about: Rats smell in a very interesting way!
Beauty must suffer! To impress the judges, skin maintenance unfortunately is necessary .
Dandy and Tom
The procedure of drying
Thats the way I look now(before walking).
Things are pretty lively at out club evenings and I'm always in the midle of it.
My new job as watchdog.
My first picture in the yearbook
Dandy and Woody
Dandy and Lea
    My show results at home and abroad so far: (9 different judges of 5 diff. nations):

    Plazierung SG V plac. V V1, JB Res. CACA
    Anzahl 3 6 2 3 1

    Characteristics according to judges' reports:

    Excellent head, dark eye, good flews, beautifully applied and long hair
    Very fine neck and sholder, excellent angles, good neck and backline, excellent upper line, very fine outer lines, good tailline;
    Good depth and broadth of breast, excellent strength of bones, excellent cat paws;
    Very beautiful, silky and long hair;
    Square, good height, substanceful, very typical;
    spaceful motion, good push out of the hindquarters;
    very vivacious, lively interested character;

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